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Veronique L. (Montreux, Switzerland) - Kamchatka Peninsula Wildlife Expedition 2009
"Kamchatka is a very wonderful country. The landscape is very nice and wild. The Lake Kurilskoye area is beautiful with the lake and the volcanoes. It is quite interesting to walk on the beach and along or in the rivers to see bears fishing salmon. The reindeer herders area is nice too and is located close to another lake and a few very small lakes with clear water. The way between Petropavlovsk - Esso and the Tolbachik is quite interesting to look. It's very funny to cross the Kamchatka river. At the end, The Tolbachik area is quite incredible with all the colors. Black ashes, red mountains, white snow on the top and green forests. I think that people who like wild and natural landscapes have to go to Kamchatka."
Nora Rhome (Pine Island, United States) - Mongolia Wildlife Expedition 2009
"Speaking for both my mother and I when I say the time spent in Mongolia and Russia was truly unforgettable. Between the landscapes and the close encounters with wildlife, it will take a lot to top this vacation. If it is adventure that one seeks, then this would be the trip for you!"
Nyla Nolden (Pine Island, United States) - Mongolia Wildlife Expedition 2009
"Mongolia/Kamchatka renews the inner spirit with its pristine, majestic views and overwhelming sense of calm and serenity. Being able to feel and experience the nomadic way of life by enjoying the countryside while staying in the native Gur goes beyond your normal travel adventure. This trip was an awarding nature travel."
Caroline S. (Neotsu, United States) - East Africa Photo Safari 2009
"An impromptu decision to respond to an email for an East African safari was the best travel decision, next to my Antarctica trip to visit the emperor penguins, I have ever made. WANT Expeditions was new to me, kind of a risk. But every part of the adventure, from promptness, drivers, travel arrangements, lodging, and best of all animal viewing was perfect. Our wonderful guide was dedicated to providing perfection! If you say "I want to see a leopard" he makes it happen. He is proud of his leader skills and rightfully he should be. I plan to travel with WANT next year and know I will not be disappointed."
Dianne and Alan Hall (Narre Warren, Australia) - East Africa Photo Safari 2009
"We went to East Africa with some expectations and many wishes. We would never have believed that the trip would far exceed anything that we had hoped for. The National Parks were all very different but each special in their own way and some of the lodges were truly spectacular. Our guide has a way of making everything fun and interesting. He always made sure that we all had the opportunity to take all the photographs we wanted - and believe me, we took plenty. He ensured the jeeps were positioned just right for the best light and the best view and was more than willing to share photography tips to capture that special shot. His willingness to sit and wait to see what happens paid off time and time again. We were the ones who got to see the leopard come down from the tree, the lions mating on top of the rocks, the elephants having a dust bath. He did everything with patience, knowledge and a great sense of humor. We live in Australia and had many questions before travelling. He was always very prompt with his answers and made everything so easy for us. We could not imagine travelling with anyone but WANT Expeditions to Africa or any other place on their destination list."
Bob and Carol Eibert (Columbus, United States) - East Africa Photo Safari 2009
"Our safari trip to Kenya and Tanzania with Wildlife and Nature Travel was outstanding. The variety of animals and birds observed were much more than we had hoped for. One reason was that our guide educated us on being patient when animals were sighted. In one case, we were watching a lioness stalk zebras when she was chased by a female elephant with her baby tagging along behind. All of a sudden, we heard a bellow from the baby and a frightened Eagle took off. We all had to laugh. The point being that if we had taken a picture and run to the next animal sighting we would have missed a great moment. Coupled with great lodging, food and guides, this was a memorable experience."
Nancy Vogul (Powell, United States) - East Africa Photo Safari 2009
"My friends and I chose Wildlife and Nature Travel for our trip to East Africa because we wanted something a bit different and more flexible than the usual planned itineraries. We were rewarded by enthusiastic guides, excellent drivers and more wildlife sightings than we had ever imagined. Our accommodations ranged from elegant lodges to funky campsites - all part of the exciting itinerary planned for us. The best part of the trip was the broad knowledge of our guide, who enthusiastically shared his knowledge of the animal world with our group. We're all glad that we made the choice to travel with this excellent company."
Von Hawley (Leesburg, United States) - East Africa Photo Safari 2009
"What a marvelous experience we had seeing the extraordinary sights of East Africa with Jessica. It was simply incredible to see such a huge numbers of animals in their natural environment! It was like something out of a child's picture book - fantastic. Our guides were very knowledgeable, and the drivers did an incredible job getting us to the various locations across interesting landscapes and helping to spot animals along the way. They are truly patient professionals. In addition, the photographic expertise helped with taking over 3,500 remarkable East African images. Truly, the adventure of a lifetime."
Claire Chee (Dublin, Ireland) - Botswana Photo Safari 2009
"Having travelled with WANT in other areas of Africa, and the description of Botswana as a not-to-be-missed Safari location was completely accurate. We had an exciting and very personal trip in Botswana and later Uganda. The small size of the group and the fact that the camps were small, meant that I felt I owned a little piece of Africa for a while...a very special feeling! As ever, our guide was his usual accommodative self and whilst masquerading as one of the group, ensured that everything went as closely to plan as one can expect in Africa, with the unexpected bringing only fun and fuel for anecdotes! No one could be disappointed with this trip!"
Virginia B. (Elermore Vale, Australia) - Botswana Photo Safari 2009
"This was my first trip to Africa and I went with no expectations and an open mind, and I am very pleased that I went as part of a small group. Each day was a blank canvas and each was filled in with wonderment and excitement as I experienced things I never would have imagined being part of. I loved the whole thing; seeing so many birds and animals at close quarters, both familiar and unfamiliar, the early starts and late finishes and just being part of that incredible journey. Every aspect was memorable including the accommodation, meals, wild careening through the scrub following various beasties - just great. And, after this experience, I can't imagine going with anyone other than WANT Expeditions."