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Run Across Congo - Virunga Volcanoes Sustainability Project
Project Congo concentrates on gender equality and raising awareness about the key issues faced by coffee farming families in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Initiatives will promote peace and gender equality while highlighting inspirational people and their stories. The work aims to break the chains of poverty and conflict while supporting women empowerment groups in coffee communities of the region, particularly those outside of Virunga Volcanoes National Park. (Click on the link to see the upcoming release of Virunga on Netflix Novemeber 7, 2014)

Women play a crucial agricultural role in Africa, providing the majority of the labor, but their contributions are often invisible since women are excluded from delivering and selling the crop. These realities are exacerbated by sexual gender-based violence in Kivu used as a tool to destabilize communities.

Despite the challenges, female coffee producers in eastern DRC have the perseverance to move forward. Project Congo will provide transformative opportunities to these farmers by introducing practical initiatives supporting women’s empowerment at both farm and cooperative levels. Funds will be used to empower and educate female farmers to become entrepreneurs, taking control of their lives, and creating a brighter future for coffee communities affected by the civil war in eastern DRC.

Click HERE to to learn more and donate to this project today, and visit Virunga in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi with WANT Expeditions in 2015!

Endangered Species Sanctuary
The Endangered Species Sanctuary is a modern-technology single building that will save 60 amphibian and 24 bird species from extinction. The world is full of critically endangered bird and amphibian species, and for many, captive management is the only way to guarantee their short-term survival. This is particularly true and urgent for hundreds of frog and other amphibian species, whose entire populations have been, and are expected to continue to be, wiped out in just a few short years, due to the rampant spread of a chytrid fungus. The Endangered Species Sanctuary will not only serve as an “ark” for saving such a large number of critical endangered species, but it will also be a research and educational institution promoting worldwide conservation. In its many offices, scientists work for long-term solutions for the survival of the target species, and develop multi-faceted approaches for conserving their natural habitat, securing their eventual reintroduction. The building will also host a comprehensive library, Internet facilities, restaurant and gift shop, and six conference rooms for a variety of events. The Endangered Species Sanctuary will be constructed with the latest green energy technologies and will be LEED certified. Currently we are in the process of searching for a location where The Endangered Species Sanctuary can provide the greatest access for the general public’s use. If you know of a location you think would be perfect, please let us know! We are also looking for volunteers worldwide who will promote this cause by helping to raise the necessary funds for construction and operation. Or, you can show your support immediately by donating, and becoming a part of this incredible conservation project today! Save species: donate now! Click on the arrows for additional information. >>>

The Dream Sport of Africa
WANT Expeditions - Wildlife And Nature Travel is the world leader in highly personalized, conservation-oriented travel, connecting travelers, adventures, photographers, and conservationists from all over the world through expeditions to see the most amazing natural phenomena that exist on our planet. In order to create the most authentic travel experiences, we work hand and hand to empower the communities we visit to ensure that they benefit as much, if not more, from our visits as we do. For this very reason, we have decided to partner with the Utopia Foundation, so that we can bring 200 soccer uniforms to countries like Uganda, Ghana and Sao Tome, in addition to over 100 soccer balls that have already been collected. If you watched any part of the 2010 World Cup, it was easy to see how cherished this past time is throughout the African continent, and how a simple game of soccer, or football, as it is known outside of the US, brings hope and life to those most in need.

Over the past year, as we visited with communities all over the world, we closely listened to the needs of the people, and what THEY wanted most to improve their quality of life. From children's mouths, hands, eyes, and feet, the result was an audible cry for something that would give them a time and space to truly be children and forget the harsh realities and troubles of their world, like whether they'll eat more than once, if at all that day. >>>