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Mali and Burkina Faso Expedition 2015
The Voodoo Nations of Africa Expedition 2015
Liberia Beach and Rainforest Extension 2015
Ecuador Mountains and Rainforests Extension 2015
Galapagos Islands Yacht Cruise 2015
Uganda Mountain Gorillas & Chimpanzees 2015
The 'Best of Russia's National Parks' Expedition 2015
Greenland Traditional Dogsled Expedition 2015
Iceland Wildlife Expedition 2015
Botswana and Zambia Photo Safari 2015
Namibia Culture & Nature Safari 2015
Mongolia Culture & Nature Expedition 2015
East Africa Wildlife Safari 2015
Mongolian Gazelle Calving Extension 2015
Alaska Wildlife Expedition 2015
Madagascar Wildlife Expedition 2015
Wrangel Island 2015
Kamchatka Peninsula Wildlife Expedition 2015
Jordan Culture & Nature Safari 2015
Borneo and Brunei Wildlife Expedition 2015
Socotra Island Expedition 2015
Komodo Dragon Extension 2015
Pantanal Jaguar Safari 2015
Central Africa Wildlife Expedition 2015
MSUAA 'Big Five of India' Wildlife Safari 2015
Bonobos of the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2015
Virunga, Nyiragongo, Rwanda and Burundi 2015
Ethiopia Culture & Nature Safari 2015
Yellowstone National Park Winter Safari 2016
Grey Whale Migration and Whale Sharks in Baja 2016
Costa Rica Wildlife Safari 2016
Japan's Winter Wildlife Safari 2016
The Harp Seal Pups Expedition 2016
The Harp Seal Pups Expedition 2016
'Sri Lanka and the Maldives' Safari 2016
Jordan Culture & Nature Safari 2016
'Sri Lanka and the Maldives' Safari 2016
Socotra Island Expedition 2016
Greenland Traditional Dogsled Expedition 2016
Alaska Wildlife Expedition 2016
Papua New Guinea Culture & Nature Expedition 2016
Pantanal Jaguar Safari 2016
Cuba Culture & Nature Expedition 2016